5 Things To Do For Any Santorini Tourist


5 Things To Do
For Any Santorini Tourist

From delicious island food to Instagram-worthy sunsets, here’s our list of things you need to do in Santorini.

Here at Vita Liberata we know there are three things that make for a fab holiday; a perfect tan, your best friends and a date to the most Instagramable place possible. That’s why we organised an all-expenses paid trip to the beautiful island of Santorini, to help one lucky winner and their best friend have the summer trip of a lifetime in the most Instagram-worthy location possible!

We all know that a golden Vita Liberata tan will look stunning on the white backdrop of the famous Santorini villas and your selfies will look next level thanks to soft sunset lighting and your flawless glow (hello Beauty Blur!).

So here’s a list of places you can go to give your Instagram that #TravelGoals boost it deserves!

1. Head to Oía, to see the famous white washed houses and blue tipped churches, nestled on a 400-meter-tall cliff over-looking the sea. Up your boomerang game with the most iconic ‘cheers’ of all time with picture perfect views and picturesque sunsets.

2. Less than 10 miles from the capital is the sleepy town of Akrotiri, famed for its sprawling beaches and Instagramable cobbled streets. Go to the original ‘white beach’ a beautiful cove surrounded by white cliffs, turquoise sea and volcanic sand. A step up from your usual ‘hotdogs or legs?’ post, this beautiful beach will leave you feeling like Ariel and your Instagram looking A-Lister.


3. When in Santorini everything is that extra bit special and your #humpday, #winewednesday Insta needs be no different! A well-kept secret about this luxury island is that it’s the oldest wine region in the world. Even if history isn’t your thing, we’ll bet a glass of rose and a plate of homemade food definitely is! Head over to the Santo Winery in Pyrgos village and watch the world go by on their sun terrace, with perfect views of the whole island.


4. Stop off for some Gyros as you walk the streets of Santorini. Admittedly this might not be as aesthetically pleasing as a waffle cone, or as novel as a Yorkshire pudding wrap, but when you’re in Greece Gyros is a must and you definitely won’t regret it once you’ve tasted how good they are! Full up for more sightseeing (read: Instagramming) with these small, but very tasty snacks.


After all your exploring take some time to unwind at the beautiful, with the ultimate infinity pool, dreamy cocktails and all-day food. You won’t find yourself short on Instagram content in this gorgeous bar at Canaves Hotel in Oía, perfect for your #MondayMotivation or #OOTD posts!

If those few ideas don’t make you desperate to hop on a plane right this second the we don’t know what will convince you!

If you fancy a last minute getaway this summer then all you have to do is enter our competition for a chance to be whisked away with one of your friends on an expenses paid Santorini trip for 2!