Model: Lynette Cenee | Destination: Beautiful, Bronzed Skin | Second Stop – The Bahamas

Gorgeous beauty blogger Lynette was every inch a golden Bahama mama on set with flawless, bronzed skin!

Get the look with our ultimate skin finishing duo, Body Blur HD Skin Finish & Self Tan Dry Oil SPF 50.


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Firstly, apply Self Tan Dry Oil for luxe, instantly bronzed skin, the oil will instantly give you the most gorgeous glow! Next, highlight your skin with Body Blur – concentrating the lotion on the centre of your legs, arms and deallocate for an instantly glowing, slimmed appearance. Now you’re good to glow!

When you next rise your skin 1-8 hours later, Marula Self Tan Dry Oil will have developed and your lasting bronze will be revealed!