Enjoy a sunkissed glow this autumn with Deep Face Gradual Self Tan Lotion



Enjoy A Sunkissed Glow This Autumn With Deep FaceGradual Self Tan Lotion


Autumn brings with it darker days and duller weather so why not brighten up your day with a gorgeous golden glow!

As the weather turns colder, we all reach for the layers in an attempt to keep warm, meaning that often the only part of our skin that is on show is our face. Autumn’s harsh elements can leave skin dull and lifeless and in need of some TLC. The solution? Vita Liberata Deep Face Gradual Self Tan Lotion is literally sunshine in a bottle, so you can enjoy a little bit of summer all year round!

Deep Face Gradual Self Tan lotion is brimming full of certified organic botanicals to nourish and condition the skin, and is a completely and natural formulation to fight against the elements.

Deep Face is your autumn essential for a fuss-free, flawless and fabulous seasonal skin! Use daily to keep skin conditioned and beautifully tanned.

So embrace autumn and enjoy a sunkissed glow with Deep Face Gradual Self Tan Lotion.

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