Happy Mother’s Day from Vita Liberata



Happy Mother’s Day from Vita Liberata


We don’t know about you, but Mother’s Day is one of our favorite days of the whole year. Yes, we tell our Mom’s we love them as often as we can but today is the day we can take a moment to shout about just how phenomenal our Moms really are! So today we’re saying a big collective thank you to Mom’s everywhere; from giving the best advice (even though we don’t always want to hear it) and being there when it feels like everything’s falling apart, to making us cry with laughter. Let’s face it, Moms are the best.

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Our founder Alyson Hogg and her daughter Caitlyn are the mother-daughter power duo at the heart of Vita Liberata and NKD SKN. For some #pHenomenalMom inspiration we took 5 minutes with them to find out what makes their relationship so special…

Alyson on Caitlyn

How would you describe Caitlyn in 5 words?

Sensitive, smart, funny, kind, generous, and very dramatic!

What is your proudest moment with Caitlyn?

There are so many. The day she laid the track for the NKD SKN video, with almost no notice, and no rehearsal, and left the producer literally speechless for her stunning tone of voice, her grace and humility.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever given Caitlyn?

I’m not sure. Perhaps that talent cannot be hidden for long, we all have many more choices than we think, you must tow your own path, and anything worth doing is worth doing with 100 percent attention.

…and has she ever given you any words of wisdom?

All the time. She is very good at seeing things from the other persons perspective .

How would you describe your relationship?

Incredibly close. Delightful, fun, relaxed, inspiring.

If you could have a girly holiday together anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Probably Barcelona! We both love the city so much!

Does Caitlyn take after you in any way?

Oh lord. Yes, in every way except that she has a beautiful singing voice and sadly I don’t!

What is her best trait?

She is a very good listener with wisdom way beyond her years. And she has an incredible sense of style so I can always depend on her judgement!

What’s the best thing about being mum to Caitlyn?

Being part of her story, and she being part of mine!


Caitlyn on Alyson

How would you describe Alyson in 5 words?

Loving, funny, patient, wise, stylish.

What is your favorite or proudest moment with Alyson?

There are too many to chose from. I can think of countless favourites and countless proud moments! I’m proud every day from what she has accomplished I just have to start telling someone about the brand and I’m in awe again each time. And my favourite moments are probably just driving in the car together back home in Belfast!

What’s the best piece of advice Alyson has ever given?

To trust my gut.

…and have you ever given her any words of wisdom?

Hmm I don’t know you will have to ask her!

How would you describe your relationship?

I don’t know!Just me and mum haha. It’s the most important relationship I have.

If you could have a girly holiday together anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Hmmm. Anywhere where there is sun shopping and some interesting old things to go see and talk about haha.

Do you take after your mum in any way?

I hope so, I have stolen so many of her clothes now I guess I’m starting somewhere.

What makes your mum so pHenomenal?

Her care and her hard work! And her bags…