Some Call It Air Stockings…We Call It Body Blur!


Wonder How Meghan Markle Legs Are So Glowy?

While it’s royal tradition to wear nude tights, Meghan Markle opted for bare, super glowy legs for her National Theater visit. Some are calling it Air Stockings, we’re calling it Body Blur! To replicate the Duchess of Sussex’s glow, apply Body Blur HD Skin Finishfor the same blurring finish as tights, without the constricting, dated feel and with an extra glowing finish.

Celebrity makeup artist Lisa Little says “It looks like Megan has used a product such as Vita Liberata Body Blur, this is a must have product for a superior finish, it is a very similar product to ‘air stockings’, or spray-on tights. They mask imperfections and hydrate the skin, giving a subtle glow.”


Body Blur

Body Blur Latte is an instant body makeup that gives the most flawless skin finish and reduces the appearance of imperfections like cellulite and spider veins. It’s like wearing luxury sheer stockings…everywhere!

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