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Top Tips For Protecting Your Skin In The Sun


Ready to enjoy the sunshine this summer? Our founder and CEO Alyson Hogg shares her top tips for keeping skin healthy and protected in the sun.

Using sun protection every day, especially on areas that are exposed like your face, neck, arms and hands, is really important for protecting against harmful ultraviolet rays. Not sunny? These UV rays can penetrate clouds with ease, so it’s advisable to protect your skin even when you can’t see the sun. The benefits of using organic SPF skincare means that there are no chemical preservatives that are often found in sunscreens which can irritate the skin. Instead, natural skin conditioning ingredients repair and nourish, while broad spectrum SPF protects against UVB and UVA rays . Our Passionflower & Argan Dry Oil Serum For Face is a highly concentrated, non-greasy SPF 30 perfect for the face and décolleté. It conditions and nourishes the skin so can be used daily as a facial moisturiser, with added benefit of being a high quality organic SPF.