Strictly Come Dancing Tan Conseils



Strictly Come Dancing Tan Conseils


Mélangez des paillettes, des salsas et des bronzages en spray et qu'obtenez-vous? Venez danser strictement! Nous sommes ravis de bronzer les stars de la BBC Strictly pour la première fois cette saison, alors préparez-vous pour un bronzage Vita Liberata profond et naturel avec un contour incroyable.

Get the Look – The Strictly Come Dancing Tan

You too can achieve a dancefloor-ready glow with the help of our VL VIP Tanner Michaella Bolder. Below, Michaella shares her Strictly Come Dancing tan tips to help you achieve that coveted 10/10 tan.


Step 1: Create a deep, natural foundation

The dancers need a deep base tan that won’t budge during hours of practice, but if you don’t have time for a professional Vita Liberata Spray tan from your local salon do what I do – use a clean tan mitt to apply two generous layers of Rich Tinted Tan Lotion in circular motions all over the body. Start with the arms & torso before moving to the legs. (I always apply a cheeky second coat for a deeper colour pay off).

I always recommend tanning at the end of the day so the dancers can sleep in their tans and let the colour develop. Once it has developed (4-8 hours later) wash off the guide colour and apply Vita Liberata 24 Carat over the skin for one-night-only Strictly contours. Apply down the front of your legs and arms to highlight the limbs and across the collarbone. (Be careful of perfumed moisturising lotions as essentials oils or alcohol can strip your tan!)


Step 2: Get the Strictly Shimmer

Now the fun part! To achieve the ultimate Strictly Come Dancing Tan mix one to two pumps of Capture The Light in ‘Latte’ and ‘Gold’ together between your fingers, press over the décolletage, shoulders then down the front of the legs. This will accentuate the limbs and give the tan a touch of sparkle – Strictly style.

Top Tip: Preparation is Key!

Prep your skin! The art of skin finishing is as much about the preparation as the application and is essential for a longer lasting, even tan. Remove any unwanted hair and exfoliate 24 hours before tanning (to allow the skin to recover) – I use exfoliating gloves and Vita Liberata Vernis à peau super fine.


3. Contour Your Face

For a finishing touch, contour the face by applying 24 Carat under the cheekbone from the ear to mid-cheek, under the tip of the nose and at the jaw-line then blend with your finger tips.

With these super simple tips you’ll master the Strictly Come Dancing tan and be looking Strictly fabulous in no time!

Michaella x

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Now you can create the Strictly Come Dancing Tan at home with our Strictly Golden Tan set for just £20. The set includes an exclusive ‘Get the Look’ card with tan tips from Strictly Head of Tanning, Michaella Bolder. Find out more here.

Take a look behind the scenes of Strictly Come Dancing and see which celebs have been enjoying a Vita Liberata spray tan. Remember to follow us on Twitter et Instagram for all the latest tanning news from Michaella and the Strictly stars.

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